In the nineties FRANCESCO DITTO began his career as a beef Inspector and Selector in Austria for the Italian market.

In 1995 Austria enters the European Single Market and Francesco founds EURO-COMM bringing the base of operations to North East Italy with offices at Castelfranco Veneto (TV).

In the following years, the Sales and Selection activities increase and new commercial relationships
with important European suppliers within the butchery industry are strengthened and stabilized.

Today EURO-COMM is a commercial agency that with its organization carries out the main role of acting as an intermediate sales agent and represents primary European suppliers of beef and pork both on the bone as well as vacuum packed.

Thanks to a remarkably outstanding experience acquired in the past years, Francesco additionally offers the service
of specific consulting to companies that operate in the industry and wish to optimize their position within the global market.

Learning is experience; Everything else is just information. (A. Einstein)